Capability - Strategy / Solution Architect

The following is intended to give the recipient reviewing my details an understanding of my strategic competency (SC) the level of analytic engagement and scope of work I would typically take to provide an end to end solution. The organisations identified are actual companies I have engaged with providing architectural services as a contractor or full time consultant through independent IT service providers. Select here to go back to Solution Architecture match up

The following points map my skills and experience for strategic and analytic competency which would typically be required in a enterprise project engaging in e-business transformation.

SC1 The ability to think strategically, with demonstrated excellent skills and experience in planning and problem solving in the context of overall strategic organisational objectives, with the ability to utilise sound judgement and common sense; the ability to effectively identify information and opportunities and align projects , plans, designs and activities to organisational objectives.

Response - This attribute is a consistent requirement on an ongoing basis. A couple of examples to highlight where I have encountered this collective set of requirements as follows.
  • Relates to a platform end of life situation where I had to find an alternative knowledge management (application) solution which met the same requirements functionally and technically, as well as reducing risk to the business. In effect the solution was a platform shift from a proprietary to a current industry standards design which was manageable and scalable for future needs.
  • Working on the ASIC project there was an incumbent solutions provider already in place, at an advanced stage to implement a technology / migration to new platform, I had to provide a solutions options paper to recommend approach, make adjustments regards vendor selection, migration approach and align with enterprise strategy to meet or exceed objectives.

SC2 An excellent, professional client focus, with extensive experience and ability in nurturing internal and external relationships, and the high level ability to apply technology strategically to deliver outcomes which best meet the client’s needs and to the appropriate level of quality

Response - Working in the consulting space through independent software vendors, (ISV) I continually need to manage the needs of the client, the software solutions provider and the ISV’s. Priority is always to provide a client solution that matches their needs as well as managing how it is implemented in a manner that is equitable for all parties involved. Often other incumbent 3rd party systems or integrators need to be considered in providing a hybrid solution or at least gaining acceptance that collectively they provide the correct result. Another aspect in gaining acceptance and delivering technology strategically to correct quality is management and articulation of the enterprise vision and build-up of business blueprint to deliver based on agreed standards. This set of attributes is continuously required on an ongoing basis where some key project it was more prominent included. (A) (ASIC) – EDRMS & WCMS co-exist (B) (Alcatel) WCMS / Application rollout across APAC (multilingual / English)

SC3 Demonstrate understanding in all of the following areas with at least three of these being covered as areas requiring excellent skill and substantial relevant experience; program management, project management, business process design and improvement, systems analysis and design, systems development, implementation and integration, software quality assurance & testing, systems procurement, contract management and technical writing.

Response - As a result of my work experience indicated above I have certainly covered all the areas to some degree as a result of the various projects and assignments undertaken to date. However the following areas stand out where I have had the opportunity to build up expertise and deliver based on the objectives and scope of work at hand.

Program / Project Management - (Prog M / Proj M) – Whether through my consulting or specific roles undertaken in the enterprise space, a constant requirement was to take ownership of the various programs, projects and teams to deliver on objectives. Team sizes and specifics varied where project management was dominant during consulting phase for subject matter expertise areas or program management in enterprise to deliver programs of work based on short and long term strategy. Key to successful delivery included the ability to articulate and get acceptance across stakeholders, this was highlighted in successful program delivery indicated below. Attribute was exhibited in the following areas; Prog M (Oakton) – ASIC, legacy migration, (Alcatel) – web domain, technology & program deployment, platform & application merger. Project M (Lexmark) - BPM optimisation, (ASIC) Intranet & Document management refresh.

Systems Analysis, Design & Implement - Key to much of the work done in the domains listed above was the ability to analyse, design and implement solutions which met the enterprise vision, strategy and cost effectiveness. The designs and approach undertaken included industry best practice, but critical to successful adoption and implementation was providing solutions that were usable, worked with other dependent systems and had high user acceptance across the enterprise. Attribute was exhibited in the following areas; (Sydney Water) – GAP analysis incumbent EDRMS to future state Oracle EDRMS (URM). (ASIC) Scope and solution, alternative intranet solution, replacement for existing environment and other proposed solution which was not deemed fit for purpose based on industry best practice. (Alcatel) – Knowledge management application replacement, provide solution alternative due to platform end of life deadline.

Business Process Design & Improvement – Fundamental to achieving inefficiencies and removal of waste is the implementation of BPM which has been a key area I have been responsible for across many of the projects I have worked on to date. Whether being applied through optimised workflow / business processes or process enablement through technology, one of the consistent objectives was to provide an environment where business stakeholders could manage, optimise and drive the BPM processes to match business needs. To also increase visibility across the enterprise to anticipate problem areas or confirm operational SLA’s . Attribute was exhibited in the following areas; (Lexmark) Scan to process program, (Sydney Water) Knowledge Management Optimisation program, (ASIC) Collaboration & Documentation process optimisation.