Role Landscape

The following information outlines the role landscape and areas of application which I have been involved in as a result of work done to date as a solution architect. Providing a total end to end solution consulting across a number of competency areas or focusing on a specific components of solution architecture i.e. GAP Analysis, Road Map, Modeling etc. See capability for match up on strategy and solution architect role.


Application of core and supplementary skills is highlighted below for solution architecture, information architecture and business analyst functions. The other areas indicate where consultation occurs as part of the overall end to end solution.

Key Competency

Transformation between current and future target states, the impact and how quickly it is implemented is dependent on the level of complexity and number of architectural transitions required to achieve the end objective. Road Map definition and GAP assessments provide the detail required to get there. Effective and Relative visualisation (viewpoints) between states are key competencies I have used to communicating changes.

Relative Views

The following framework is a standards based approach using Togaf / Archimate to determine relative impact for different business areas. (Modified to suit specific business models). I have used this approach as well as other industry specific frameworks.