Sometimes its difficult when you can't see the wood from the trees in today's complex integrated world, simplifying complexity is what I do. Delivering efficiency by working smarter, providing enterprise architecture services to maximise the use of technologies and enable business agility. (Video 3 min)

I have over 15 years’ experience in e-business & enterprise Information management systems working in capacity of Solutions Architect role providing solution architecture, information management, application integration & business service design for systems utilizing content management and data utilization across full business process life cycle. 

This includes definition, design and deployment across business, data, information and technical domains for ECM, WCM, CRM, TCM, EDRMS DOCCM and Mobile communication areas in conjunction with application SDLC using agile and waterfall approaches for application integration.

My area of application is product agnostic but have operated as SME for enterprise implementation and utilisation of knowledge and data management in the above domains using proprietary Tier 1 middle ware technology solutions across a number of vendors. See Landscape for area of application.

My expertise has been achieved through a number of assignments to manage & deliver projects covering private business sectors, government (security cleared) as well as a number of strategic projects across the Asia Pacific and European locations.

I can be contacted by email or on any of the numbers shown opposite for discussion on potential future engagements. Interested in contract or a full time project basis for solution architecture roles or program delivery of e-business transformation initiatives. 

Specialty Areas

  • Integration and management of e-Business environments using IT service vendors Tier 1 COTS application middle-ware systems in accordance with architectural frameworks and integration best practice.
  • Provision of solution options based on value based analysis in relation to business application integration and management of information systems using off the shelf and in-house developed solutions.
  • Migration  & management of data & business processes to future state systems in accordance with prescribed architecture road map and SOA principles.
  • Information architecture & document management across all web domains for full informational and transactional  life cycle including inbound, storage, outbound and archiving areas.
  • GAP analysis and assessment for functional and non functional requirements between current and future state environments.
Personal Attributes

  • Strategic thinker, innovative and enjoy challenge.
  • Can effectively translate business requirements into operational functional IT solutions across multiple business domains.
  • Sound project management and resource planning skills in enterprise environment.
  • Persuasive and ability to influence key stake holders across business, software vendor and IT domains.
  • Across current digital communication technologies and user environments, understand how they are used interact between end user and corporate operating environments


Contact: Alex Duncan

Mobile: +61 (0) 417 691 163
Office:  +61 (0) 280 906 501

Career Outline

For details on my business network see my LinkedIn profile.

Public LinkedIn Profile

The following outlines my roles to date with the organisations listed. I provided the services in the capacity indicated.

Period: 2010 - Present, Role: Solution Architect
Company: Enterprise Architect Services (Consulting)
Industry sector: Corporate, Government

Period: 2009 - 2010, Role: ECM Consultant
Company: Oakton Pty Ltd (Consulting)
Key Domains: ECM, EDRMS, WCM, SOA, 
Industry sector: Corporate, Government

Period: 1999 - 2008, Role: Solution Architect
Company: Alcatel Lucent (Telecommunications)
Key Domains: Intranet, Extranet, Internet, SEO, B2B, B2C
Industry sector: Corporate, Government, Retail

Period: 1995 - 1998, Role: CTO - Business Partner
Company: ScanPlus Services (Digital Imaging Services)
Key Domains: IPM, OCR, BPM, DM
Industry sector: Corporate, Retail

Period: 1990 - 1995, Role: Production Engineering Manager
Company: AWA Communications (Telecommunications)
Key Domains: Automation, Efficiency, Resourcing, Design.
Industry sector: Corporate, Government