I use GoToMeeting for online communication for presentations, webinars and training. There is a GoToMeeting quick reference attendee user guide which can be down loaded at the foot of this page. If you wish to meet up, please contact me by any of the means below to get meeting number and time then select Start Meeting

Note, By selecting start meeting, if accessing by smart phone or tablet you will be required to download GOTO App (39Mb) which is free, accessing by browser will require similar process depending on web browser which will download desktop client (10mb), audio is by online channel or dial up at the users or meeting organisers preference. 

This service is provided by Citrix, connectivity and QOS is reliant on users connection capability, see system requirements. Service is compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, Ipad & Android devices subject to meeting the minimum system requirements and appropriate operating environment. To get an idea how this communication tool works please select the link under demo to play sample.

Contact Details

Phone: +61 (0) 280 906 501

Mobile: +61 (0) 417 691 163

Twitter: @alexwjduncan



Select here to see demo (opens new window)